Floor Plans - First Floor

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Naming Ops Guide

FIRST FLOOR: $100,000

The Orillia Library will dedicate the main floor of the library in your honor for a gift of $100,000. The first floor is oriented to community involvement and interaction. From Children’s Services to our Main Circulation desk, every library patron will experience its grandeur.

Community Wing (1b): $50,000

Partnering with the City of Orillia, the Farmer’s Market, and Information Orillia, the library is dedicated to remaining an important regional hub by offering the community fully connected programming spaces.

Multipurpose Room (1c): $15,000

Whether for training seminars, board meetings or group activities, this room will be used by a vast array of non-profit, educational and private organizations.

Farmers Market Room (1d): $15,000

Bustling with local culture, agriculture and handicrafts every Saturday year-round, this room will have one of the highest traffic counts of any space within the library.

Lobby (1a): $100,000

Greeting tens of thousands of library customers each year; our lobby will make a strong impression on everyone entering the library whether to take out a book, research local history or just browse the internet.

Circulation Desk (1e): $50,000

With close to a quarter of a million items checked out every year from the Orillia Public Library, the main circulation desk is where the community and library customer service staff interact the most. Every customer is greeted with a smile from knowledgeable and friendly staff members.

Materials Handling – Technical Services (1j): $15,000

The cerebral cortex of the library, where all books, information and media pass through. This area is the nerve centre where books and materials are ordered, received and made ready for the enjoyment of customers.

Popular Materials (1k): $50,000

New media, DVDs, CDs as well as best sellers and new acquisitions are displayed. A high traffic area and the first destination of many library customers.

Children’s Department (1l): $35,000

Award winning children’s programming is offered in one of the busiest children’s libraries. While not the quietest area of the library it is one of the busiest and most colourful.

Children's Computer Hub (1m): $15,000

Specialized computer hardware and software promote literacy and introduce our youngest customers to the valuable services offered by our community library in a safe, stimulating and reliable setting.

Children’s Programming Area (1n): $25,000

From Babytime Stories to special guests and educational programming, the children’s programming room will provide ample space for small group programs, creating a space where children and parents can participate in early literacy activities.

Reference Desk – Children’s Area (1o): $15,000

From homework help to finding out about Harry Potter spells, our reference desk staff are available to help with all inquires, from the everyday to the mystical.

Early Literacy Area   (1p): $25,000  (CONFIRMED)

Focussing on pre-school age children, stories, interactive books and fun early literacy activities.

Children’s Staff Area (1q): $10,000

A place for children’s services staff to ensure that all of the materials and information that have been thoroughly enjoyed are ready for the next excited child.  Planning of programming and activities also take place in this area.

Reading Lounge (1r): $15,000

Whether curling up with mom or dad or just by themselves, this cozy nook offers comfortable seating and a little bit of quiet space in our children’s area.

Library Square (1s): $15,000

Outside our main doors, where  the Farmer’s Market assembles. The largest assembly space in downtown Orillia will be well used year-round by not only by the Farmer's Market but by community groups as well.

Outdoor library drop off (1t): $25,000

Allowing for the last minute and after-hours return of materials, this high traffic area is located conveniently for both foot and vehicle traffic.

Indoor drop off (1u): $35,000

When books go out, they inevitably come back in. This space provides easy access for returning materials using our state of the art RFID technology before library customers peruse the shelves to check out another book, DVD or CD.