Floor Plans - Second Floor

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Naming Ops Guide

SECOND FLOOR: $100,000

Housing our reference books and information desk, the second floor is a place where library customers will go to get information on subjects which pertain to school, work and personal interest.

At the far of the second floor our Teen Scene and young adult space will promote the love of reading to a generation of “connected” young people.

Our Local History Room will connect our community to our Orilliana Collection.

Art Gallery and Mezzanine (2a): $75,000

This area will house one of the largest permanent collections of original art in Simcoe County. Natural light and high ceilings will provide every customer the opportunity to enjoy a current magazine while surrounded by some of central Ontario’s most important works of art.

Reference and Non-fiction area (2b): $50,000

From self-help books, instructional DVDs and research materials, this area continues to be an important part of our library.

Reference work area – behind the scenes (2c): $25,000

Library staff will ensure that the information provided is the most up to dat, selecting both books and media including ebooks, databases and DVD's.

Individual Study Rooms (4) (2d-f): $10,000

A place for quiet study of materials not available or external circulation.

Group Study Room (2h): $15,000

This room will be available for people working together.

Reference desk (2i): $50,000

Not every question can be answered by a google search. Our highly trained librarians will assist you in your research, finding the right book or just letting you know how to begin. With more than 27,000 queries every year – this is one of the busiest areas of the library.

Computer hub - Adult Services (2o): $10,000

High speed access for the public, specialized equipment for those with sight related disabilities and guidance just around the corner.  Our adult computers are so popular, at times they must be booked in advance.

Fiction Section (2k): $25,000

International bestsellers, hidden gems and award winning authors are featured in this area of the library.

Youth department (2l): $25,000

This special area just for teens will host a variety of popular material, a cyber-café computer zone and welcoming seating for gathering and studying.

Teens have their own corner of the library with Teen Scene, where they can find help with homework, get answers to real life issues, join a book club, sign up for a program or just find new and interesting titles.

Youth popular materials (2m):  $25,000

One of the areas in the library with the highest turn over of books and new media. Teen Survivor, an online summer reading club, continues to be a huge success with 152 members, 337 written reviews and 4,776 votes cast.

Teen Scene Reading area (2n): $15,000

Long benches and comfortable chairs allow for lounging and relaxing as teens enjoy popular books in a safe and welcoming atmosphere.

Computer Training (2o): $25,000

In demand programs that will teach the most basic use of the internet, email and computers are provided here. Advanced and special courses in genealogy and practical research will be available.

Fireplace and Reading Lounge (2p): $15,000 (CONFIRMED)

Who doesn’t love curling up with a good book in front a fire? You can do that here in the library with a great view of Orillia’s vibrant downtown.

Local History (2q): $35,000

Some of the items in this area are available nowhere else in the world. Local, provincial and cultural history are all captured in this important space. Our archives are used by researchers, business people and those just interested in the rich history of central Ontario.

Administration (2n): $20,000

These offices will house the small complement of full time staff that provide the programming, planning and customer support to the library.