Our Campaign

While the basic construction and furnishing costs of the $18.7 million project are being covered by federal and city governments, many of the enhancements needed to make this library truly a remarkable civic centre of culture and information must be financed by the public. Like so many local endeavours such as the hospital expansion, Rotary Place and The Leacock Museum, our government partners and local supporters are coming together for the betterment of the community.

The $775,000 Next Chapter Campaign is divided into four areas of concentration.

The Children’s Library: $100,000

Child and Youth services at the Orillia Public Library are hands-on, interactive and focussed on every age group from toddlers to teens.

Whether it is interactive art and sculptures, materials for early literacy programming or specialized books and software to encourage reading in young people – children have a special place in the library.

The children’s library will be designed with small hands, big curiosity and wild imaginations in mind.

Assistive Technology and Infrastructure: $150,000

The new Orillia Public Library will be designed for easy access for people with limited mobility and will provide technology aimed at ensuring that our resources are available for everyone to enjoy.

Special computer monitors, book readers and electronic readers for those with limited sight and even Braille printing will be available.

The new Orillia Public Library will also greatly improve its collection of on-line databases, multi-media equipment for conferences and training seminars for the public.

Preserving our Heritage: $310,000

Orillia’s new library will celebrate the culture and history of Orillia and surrounding area like no other place in the community. Free access to important and historical works of art, sculpture and collections will be available to anyone who comes through our doors.

Preserving our history by digitizing print materials, restoring works of art and providing the proper storage containers are all part of our campaign.

The library will also seek to provide educational displays of the LEED(R) process and other aspects of the construction throughout the building and grounds.

Special Collections: $215,000

The Orillia Public Library prides itself in its focus on local and award winning Canadian literature. Our already excellent collection of Leacock Humour Medal winners, Pulitzer Prize and Giller Prize winners will be made available to today's customers and generations to come through the generosity of the community.